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Research at the Chairs

Quantitative Social Science (Auspurg)

Fundamental research on methods of quantitative social science (surveys, experiments), substential analysis on social inequality, labor market processes, discrimination, cooperation and trust.

Quantitative Research on Inequality and Families (Brüderl)

Our research focuses on the fields of “social inequalities“ and “private forms of life“. The data collection project on relationships and families (Pairfam) is located at our chair.

Political Sociology of Social Inequality (Lessenich)

Our research focuses on structural patterns of social inequality, their change in time, their political regulation and on the social conflicts they give rise to.

East European Societies (Libman)

Our research focuses on the social development of post-soviet Eurasia, especially the role of bureaucracy, subnational politics and historical legacies.

General Sociology and Theory of Society (Nassehi)

The empirical research of our chair combines theoretical, methodological and methodical aspects. Our objects of inquiry are diverse, and we employ qualitative methods, while keeping close contact with quantitative research.

Qualitative Social Science (von Unger)

Our research employs various qualitative methods on subjects such as health and medical conditions, migration and refugees, work and biographies of education, antisemitism and antiziganism.

Sociology and Gender Studies (Villa)

The notion of gender encompasses gender differences in their social and material dimensions. Our chair focuses on research on their relevance for individuals, organizations and societies, and more precisely for employment, biopolitics, care, parenting, popular culture, and migration.

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Ulrich Beck Web Archive in the University Archive of the LMU Munich

Information on the life and work of Ulrich Beck, extracts from selected publications and insights into his latest cosmopolitan project can be found in the online archive.