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Wintersemester 2021/22

Analytical Sociology: Theory and Empirical Applications

Seminar in Cooperation with the Academy of Sociology,
San Servolo, 08.-11. November 2021


 Gruppenfoto Venedig 2021



Monday, 08. November

Josef Brüderl

Opening Presentation: Improving Sociological Research Practice
Josef Brüderl, Katrin Auspurg

Cooperation Through Investments in Repeated Interactions and Contractual Agreements: An Experimental Study
Werner Raub, Anna Sokolova, Vincent Buskens

News on "Fehr & Gächter". Replication, modification and extension of the classical experiment to a further test of the question whether rational choice theory is sufficient to explain the emergence and stabilization of cooperation
Hartmut Esser

Authoritarian durability, prospects of change and individual behavior: Evidence from a survey experiment in Russia
Yulia Khalikova, Olga Masyutina, Michael Rochlitz, Koen Schoors

Musical prototypicality and musical preferences. Testing social distinction and information processing theories in a population survey in Germany
Dave Balzer, Gunnar Otte

Empathy with Strangers. A Field Experiment on Prosociality
Andreas Diekmann, Matthias Näf, Anouk Widmer

Fatigue during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from a panel study of young adults in Switzerland
Fabienne Wöhner, Axel Franzen

Measuring Trust in Surveys: Cross-situational Trust as a Successor to Generalized Trust
Paul C. Bauer, Camille Landesvatter

The power of social influence: A replication and extension of the Asch experiment
Axel Franzen, Sebastian Mader


Tuesday, 09. November

Does chubby Ali get lower grades than skinny Sophie?
Richard Nennstiel, Sandra Gilgen

On the pervasive myth of „analytical“ males and „caring“ females and its influence on subject characteristic preferences
Benita Combet

The German Initiative of Excellence: Short- and Mid-Term Effects on Students’ Perceptions of Educational Quality
Ulrike Schwabe, Sebastian Lang, Sonja Berghoff

Mechanisms of educational inequalities in secondary education: Parental practices and their impact on educational success
Elif Sari, Christoph Homuth

When failure meets bad luck: The consequences of educational dropout differ by local economy and social origin
Kerstin Ostermann, Alexander Patzina, Katy Morris

Is it the school of the fish or the size of the pond that matters? An experimental examination of reference group effects in secondary school
Christoph Zangger, Sandra Gilgen, Nora Moser

Living as Before: Keeping up with the Joneses in Times of Political Terror
Alexander Libman, Tomila Lankina, Katerina Tertytchnaya

Tracing the risk factors of publication bias - The effect of authors publication record on publication bias in the stereotype threat literature
Andreas Schneck, Katrin Auspurg

Wednesday, 10. November

Poverty in Europe: How long-term poverty developed after the financial crisis and what it is driven by
Sebastian Bahr, Axel Franzen

Cultural Adaptation and Demographic Change: Evidence from Mexican-American Naming Patterns During the California Gold Rush
Nan Zhang, Maria Abascal

Gender Inequality in the 1%: A look under the hood of high incomes in Germany
Matthias Collischon, Andreas Eberl

Immigrant Enclaves, Assimilation and Gentrification: Neighbourhood Attainment of Immigrant Minorities in England 2009–2019
Tobias Rüttenauer

What Causes Residential Segregation? The Role of Taste-based Discrimination, Statistical Discrimination, and the Contact- and Group-Threat Hypothesis
Felix Wolter

Do Men and Women Really Have Different Gender Role Attitudes? Experimental Insight on Gender-Specific Attitudes toward Paid and Unpaid Work in Germany
Sabine Düval

To link or not to link - Decision making in the context of data linkage requests
Sandra Walzenbach, Annette Jäckle, Jonathan Burton, Mick Couper, Thomas Crossley
Quality or Equity? Experimental Evidence on Preferences and Willingness-to-Pay for Domestic Services
Natascha Nisic, Friederike Molitor, Miriam Trübner

Attitudes toward parental employment in eastern and western Germany: results of a factorial survey experiment
Christiane Bozoyan, Claudia Schmiedeberg

Thursday, 11. November

My house, my garden, my green neighbourhood. The influence of private and public green space on residential satisfaction and life satisfaction of city dwellers
Stefanie Kley, Tetiana Dovbishchuk

Methods of transformation research. The case of sustainable transportation
Johannes Weyer

At what age does occupational maturity occur? An assessment using Swedish occupational biographies
Roujman Shahbazian, Erik Bihagen, Sara Kjellsson

The Double-Edged Sword of Job Promotions How they affect Job Satisfaction, Leisure and Subjective Well-Being
Andreas Eberl, Tobias Wolbring

Poster Session


The Fukushima Shock: Did the Fukushima nuclear disaster affect individuals’ environmental concerns in Germany?
Claudia Schmiedeberg, Christiane Boyozan, Dominik Schober

Attitudes on Urban Mobility Policies
Fabian Thiel

Employee Acceptance of Digital Monitoring Systems While Working from Home
Luisa Wieser

Female Employment in the Neighborhood and the Labor Market Integration of Female Refugees
Sebastian Bähr, Kerstin Ostermann

Reciprocity and job mobility: The effect of effort-reward imbalance in the employer-employee relationship on turnover intentions and actual job changes
Sebastian Prechsl

Gender Norms, Gendered Life Courses and Cognitive Ageing
Ariane Bertogg, Anja Leist

Is life satisfaction a matter of control?
Laura Schächtele - Poster Award silver

A new approach for constructing a health care index
Sandra Jaworeck - Poster Award silver

What predicts prize receipt and public attention in ambiguous fields? Evidence from contemporary German literature
Lena Hipp, Corinna Harsch, Marcel Knobloch, Stefan Munnes, Erik Schilling, Johannes Vogel - Poster Award gold