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Wintersemester 2010/2011

November 29th till December 3rd, 2010

Organization: Prof. Norman Braun, Ph.D. and Dipl.-Soz. Patrick Riordan



Programme and lecture documentation (if available):


Monday, November 29th


Tuesday, November 30th

  • Johannes Bauer: Selection Probabilities – Simulating the Performance of Random Routes
  • Thomas Wöhler: Using GIS for Visualization of Segregation Patterns
  • Ryan O. Murphy and Kurt Ackerman: Measuring Social Value Orientation (SVO) (PDF-Dokument, 1,8 MByte)
  • Christoph Bühler: Measuring Desired Family Size: First Results from a Dutch Survey (PDF-Dokument, 652 KByte)
  • Felix Wolter: Sensitive Questions in Surveys and the Randomized Response-Technique: Theoretical Explanations of Respondent Behavior and Results from a Validation Study
  • Thomas Hinz: Unintended Consequences of Supporting Dual Career Couples
  • Sonja Vogt: Experimental Studies on Evolutionary Theories of Human Behavior


Wednesday, December 1st

  • Andreas Diekmann, Wojtek Przepiorka and Heiko Rauhut: The Preventive Effect of Ignorance. An Experimental Study (PDF-Dokument, 701 KByte)
  • Axel Franzen and Sonja Pointner: Group Dynamics in Dictator Games
  • Christina Meyer: The Emergence of Reputation in Economic Transactions
  • Fabian Winter: The Dynamics of Normative Conflict. An Experimental Simultaneous Offers Game
  • Vincenz Frey: Network and Information Effects in the Emergence of Efficient Conventions. Theory and Experimental Findings
  • Rolf Ziegler: Small Worlds and Worl Wide Web (PDF-Dokument, 702 KByte)


Thursday, December 2nd


Poster Sessions


Tuesday, November 30th

  • Katrin Auspurg, Thomas Hinz and Thomas Wöhler: The Art of Forecasting Soccer Scores
  • Katrin Botzen: Analyzing the Wealth of Regions Using Spatial Econometric Models
  • Stephanie Eckamn: The Role of Interviewers in Survey Coverage
  • Anja Hellmann and Tobias Wolbring: The Influence of Attractiveness and Reciprocity on Evaluation (PDF-Dokument, 124 KByte)
  • Andrea Knecht: Mulitplex Dynamic Social Networks – A Case Study (PDF-Dokument, 213 KByte)
  • Ivar Krumpal: A Bayesian Framework for Asking Sensitive Questions via RRT
  • Dominik Morbitzer: Limited Farsightedness in Dynamic Networks – An Experiment
  • Katrin Paula: Solomon Asch – Normative Social Influence and Individual Incentives. A Replication Study
  • Dominikus Vogl: Analyzing the Tendency to Agree in International Surveys (PDF-Dokument, 12 MByte)
  • Tobias Wullschleger: Agent-Based Emission Evaluation of Traffic in Dynamic City Models


Wednesday, December 1st