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Application Procedures


Step one: Applying to your home university
Step two: Nomination and receiving LMU info package
Step three: Applying to LMU


STEP 1   Applying to your home university

  • You will first need to apply through your own higher education institution. The International Office of your institution will be able to inform you about the terms to participate in mobility activities: details of the selection process, documents you need to prepare, and requirements you will have to respect during your stay abroad. Visit the website for outgoing students, attend information sessions and make sure you submit your complete application documents in time.
  • Please note that you must have successfully applied for the exchange at your home university before being able to apply to LMU. Wait for and confirm the place at LMU offered to you by your home coordinator.

 STEP 2   Nomination and receiving LMU info package

  • Upon approval of your application, your home university will nominate you for a semester or a full academic year at LMU.
  • You will not be able to apply to LMU if you were not nominated; ask your home coordinator in case of any doubts.
  • Our International Office will send you a link to access the online application form.
  • Check your inbox regularly for new messages, including your spam folder, to avoid missing any essential information regarding your planned stay at LMU.

STEP 3   Applying to LMU

  • Do not hand in any additional application documents to the Department of Sociology as the application procedure for incoming exchange students is processed on a central level (through the International Office); submitting your application and supporting documents to our International Office on time therefore suffices.
  • The deadlines for submitting your application to LMU are:
    • 15th May for studying at LMU in the winter semester or for a full academic year
    • 15th November for studying at LMU in the summer semester
  • Your application will comprise different documents, among others a Learning Agreement (no signature from LMU needed at this stage of the process), in which you will have to enter the type of courses you intend to take at IfS (and potentially at other LMU faculties/institutes if you are taking courses in other subjects as well).
  • As the courses at our department vary from semester to semester and our electronic course catalogue will only be published in August and March respectively, please refer to the current or course catalogue of past semesters when filling in your preliminary Learning Agreement which you can update later on.
  • All courses (German and English) offered at the Department of Sociology are listed in LSF providing detailed information about each course such as title, contents, requirements, time, location, type of examination and cycle of studies. Please refer to "Applying for courses" for more information.
  • If you are seeking courses taught in English, select “English” as the language of instruction.