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Munich Graduate School of Sociology (MuGSS)


With the launch of its new bachelor's and master's programs in sociology in the winter semester of 2018/19, the Department of Sociology at the LMU established its own graduate school, the Munich Graduate School of Sociology (MuGSS).
As a result, the Department of Sociology offers an integrated and consecutive qualification program for academically oriented students and graduates of sociology. The MuGSS itself however, does not offer its own scholarship program.


The Graduate School is aimed at all doctoral students who are supervised by the Department of Sociology. With a structured doctoral program tailored to their individual needs, doctoral students are supported in their research work and in acquiring further academic qualifications. Additionally, the MuGSS serves to promote networking among doctoral students as well as scientists of other qualification levels.


Who is a member of the MuGSS? How is the admission as a doctoral student and the admission to the MuGSS regulated?

Additional PhD-Related Contributions

What additional contributions are possible, what is the significance of the supervision agreement?

Study Day and General Assembly

How is the MuGSS organized? What happens at the general assembly and the study day?

Interlocking of Studies, PhD and PostDoc Phase

How is the MuGSS interlocked with the Master's program in Sociology and the Faculty 15 mentoring program?

Links & To-Dos

What do I have to consider about the doctorate? Where can I find information?