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General questions

Am I eligible to study at LMU?

  • Your home university must have a student exchange agreement with LMU – either under Erasmus+ or LMUexchange. Contact your home university or check on our partner exchange platform MoveOn.
  • LMU does not accept free movers.
  • You can take courses at the Department of Sociology, if you have a study background in Sociology.
  • Check if you meet our language requirements (B2 for German and/or B2 for English, depending on your language choice). Your home university will also have language requirements for outgoing students; for details, please consult your home coordinator.
  • Further details on LMU admission requirements and procedures can be found here.

How are the semesters structured at LMU?

Semester periods

At LMU each academic year consists of a winter semester and a summer semester.

  • Winter Semester: 1st Oct - 31st March
  • Summer Semester: 1st April - 30th Sept

The winter semester consists of around 15 weeks of lectures, the summer semester normally of 14 weeks. There are no lectures on pubic holidays, on the Tuesday following Easter Monday and Whit Monday, or on Maundy Thursday. The Christmas break begins on 24 December and lectures resume on 7 January.

Course/lecture periods

The lecture period excludes semester breaks in which students normally write their course papers for their seminars and tutorials.

SemesterFirst day of lecturesLast day of lectures
Winter 2018/19 15th Oct 2018 9th Feb 2019
Summer 2019 23rd April 2019 27th July 2019
Winter 2019/20 14th Oct 2019 7th Feb 2020
Summer 2020 20th April 2020 24th July 2020
Winter 2020/21 12th Oct 2020 5th Feb 2021


How long can my Erasmus+ stay abroad be?

Students and doctoral candidates are able to study abroad for a period of 3 months (or one academic term), and up to a maximum of 12 months per study cycle (Bachelor, Master, doctoral studies).

Is my home university a partner of LMU?

Please check on our partner exchange platform MoveOn or contact the coordinator of your home university.

What can I do if university is not a partner of LMU?

  • Unfortunately, LMU does not accept free movers.
  • Please find out if there is an alternative university in Germany cooperating with your university or if another German university will accept free movers.

When does an exchange semester at LMU start?

Each academic year at LMU is devided into two semesters:

  • Winter semester (lecture period: Oct - Feb)
  • Summer semester (lecture period:  April - July)

Exchange students can start their stay in Munich either in the winter semester or in the summer semester.

Contact your home university coordinator to find out if the exchange agreement with LMU was closed for one semester or for a full academic year.

Where do I find the course programme in Sociology?

  • All Sociology courses can be found electronically in our course catalogue LSF. For sociology courses, please select “Faculty of Social Sciences”/”Sociology”.

Whom to contact?

We are here to help and support you during your exchange. You can call, send email or visit us during our office hours. You can find our contact details here:

LMU unit Department of Sociology (IfS) - International Affairs
International Office Department of Sociology (IfS) - lecturers
Contact details
Tanja Kreetz, M.A. Different contact persons, check contact here for details Course lecturers; check  contact here for details
Role and responsibility

Departmental Exchange/Erasmus Coordinator at IfS:

  • Academic and subject-specific questions
  • Course application and enrollment at IfS
  • Learning Agreement

Incoming student advisors:

  • General and administrative support
  • Application procedure at LMU
  • Accommodation, intercultural training, language courses, leirsure activities
  • Registration at LMU
  • Welcome Day
  • Confirmation of Stay letter

Sociology lecturers:

  • Questions about course contents and requirements
  • Type and timing of examination