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Preparing my stay at LMU

How to register for Sociology courses?

  • Applying for Sociology courses is mandatory. If you do not apply for any other course, you will not be able to participate!
  • For Sociology courses, you cannot register online. We will do this for you.
  • Please contact (by mid-September for the winter semester and by mid-March for the summer semester). The exact deadlines will be communicated to you by e-mail.
  • Further details can be found on this website.

Where do I find the amount of ECTS I can obtain in the courses?

In most courses, you can obtain either 6 or 9 ECTS, depending on the type of course. You will find the number of ECTS you may receive upon successful completetion of the course in the online course portal LSF.

Who is the responsible coordinator at the institute? Who signs my Learning Agreement?

Ms. Corina Veselý is the departmental coordinator for Erasmus+ and LMUexchange responsible for signing your Learning Agreement. Please refer to Ms. Veselý as responsible departmental contact person in your Learning Agreement.

Who shall I contact in case of organisational questions?

The website of our International Office provides basic information and useful links on various issues concerning your stay here in Munich, from accommodation and health insurance to language, cultural and leisure activities.

If you have further questions on organisational matters, please get in touch with the Incoming staff of the International Office. You will find a list of contact details on this website.