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We have put together a list of what you should bear in mind if you are seeking to pursue a doctorate at the Institute of Sociology.

Short Facts

  • Admission to doctoral studies is granted by the “Examination Office for Humanities and Social Sciences (PAGS).”
  • Necessary documents for admission are: Certificates of academic degrees, curriculum vitae in tabular form, supervision agreement.
  • Within the framework of the doctoral regulations, you must state your first and second supervisor when enrolling .
  • You will receive the supervision agreement in consultation with your supervisor.
  • You do not have to be matriculated to be accepted as a doctoral student and to complete and submit your dissertation; matriculation is voluntary.
  • There is no deadline for the submission of your doctoral thesis - submission is possible at any point in time (at the earliest, however, one year after acceptance as a doctoral candidate).

General Information

The administrative assistant and contact person for the doctorate Dr. rer. soc. at the examination office (PAGS) (Content in Germany) is Mrs. Manuela Stetter.

Information on the doctorate can also be found on the LMU's central website as well as at the  Graduate Center LMU.

Finding a supervisor

In order to be able to do a doctorate at the Institute of Sociology, you first need a professor as your first supervisor (in justified cases, private lecturers and postdocs can also take over supervision if desired). If you do not yet know with whom you would like to do your doctorate, it is best to first familiarize yourself with the research foci of the institute's chairs and consider where your project would fit in terms of content. Then make an appointment (via the respective secretary's office) with the desired supervisor to clarify the possibility of supervision and to discuss your ideas and the further procedure.

Another possibility is to apply for one of the positions (in German) advertised on the institute's homepage. These are often linked to a doctoral offer.

Supervision Agreement

To be negotiated individually during initial consultation. According to the doctoral regulations for Dr. rer. soc. (2016), the supervision agreement must be signed by the first and second supervisor as well as by the doctoral candidate.

Registration for doctoral studies/admission via the Ph.D. Examination Board by online application

Acceptance as a doctoral candidate takes place via the doctoral candidate management system. Where you will also find help on applying online.

The following documents are required:

  •  Signed supervision agreement (specification of first and second supervisor)
  •  Certificates and transcripts of all academic degrees
  •  Curriculum vitae in tabular form

The online application will then be examined by the examination office. If the examination is successful, you will receive an e-mail to collect the notice of acceptance and present the original documents (certificates, transcripts, signed curriculum vitae, supervision agreement). Collection is possible during office hours of Manuela Stetter, see homepage.
The notice of acceptance is initially valid for 3 years from the date of issue. An extension is possible by an informal letter from the supervisor to the PAGS.

ATTENTION: Admission to doctoral studies via the examination board does not mean automatic matriculation. Further, matriculation is not necessary in order to be accepted for a doctorate or to submit a dissertation.


Please read the information on doctoral studies at the LMU. Matriculation is not mandatory in order to be accepted for a doctorate or to submit a dissertation. If you wish to matriculate, please contact the Student Office.

Required documents for enrolment in the doctoral program at the LMU are as follows:

  • Notice of acceptance from the Examination Office (PAGS, single copy)
  • Proof of a German public health insurance
  • Valid identity card or passport of the applicant (single copy)


The use of libraries and other services is also possible without matriculation, but at some institutions you will need confirmation from your supervisor (informal letter).

Important information about studying and working at the LMU can be found on the service portal (LMU-ID required).

Submission of the Doctoral Thesis

The submission of the thesis is possible at any time. However, it is best to talk to your supervisor in advance and inform him/her of your expected handover. Please note the opening hours of the PAGS or the office hours of the contact person in charge, Mrs. Manuela Stetter.

The publication of the dissertation is possible via the university library. The UB itself provides information on this. Information for doctoral students, who have submitted their dissertation and have passed the oral examination at the Faculty of Social Sciences can be found in this leaflet (Content in Germany).

You may be awarded the doctorate (Dr. rer. soc.) after the doctoral certificate has been handed over (by the PAGS) or after submission of the publishing contract for the thesis .

ATTENTION: In accordance with the Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz (German Act on the Length of Scientific Contracts), the time limit after the doctorate (max. further six years) runs from the date of the oral examination.

Further information on doctoral studies at the LMU: Graduate Center

The Graduate Center offers bundled information on doctoral programs, the search for supervisors, financing and of a dissertation as well as on workshops and other advisory services.

Registration for workshops etc. is often required via the Graduate Center website.