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Members of the MuGSS are all internal and external doctoral students (research assistants on third-party funded projects, doctoral fellows, part-time doctoral students, etc.) who are supervised by members of the Department of Sociology.

All members of the MuGSS are awarded their doctorates according to the doctoral degree regulations of the Faculty 15 (Content in Germany) of March 2016 (degree of Dr. rer. soc.). The doctoral degree regulations establish the conditions for admission to the MuGSS:

  • MA final grade of at least 2.50 or equivalent.
  • Candidates must find two supervisors (at least one of whom must be a professor at the Department of Sociology). For this purpose, they submit a meaningful exposé of their research project.
  • A supervision agreement will be concluded between the supervisor and the doctoral student, in which it will be stated, among others, that the doctoral student will become a member of the MuGSS and that he or she will perform the study achievements to be determined individually within the agreement.
  • Subsequently, an application for admission (Content in Germany) must be submitted to the doctoral committee. Once the application has been accepted, the candidate will be entered in the doctoral student register of the faculty and admitted to the MuGSS.


Doctoral students already studying at the Department of Sociology at the time of the foundation of the MuGGS’ will be admitted at the suggestion of their supervisors without further admission procedures.

Doctoral degree regulations of the faculty 15 (Content in Germany)

Examination Office for the Humanities and Social Sciences LMU (PAGS) (Content in Germany)